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Work your Way Through the Maze to Riches!

Minotaurus slot is a five reel and ten payline slot by the online casino software manufacturer Endorphina. It is based on the mythical Greek monster known as a Minotaur. This creature had the head of a bull with the body of a human male. It lived at the centre of the Labyrinth. This giant maze was made by Daedalus and his son Icarus. It was ordered to be built by King Minos who was the king of Crete at the time. Luckily for us, this beast was apparently killed by Theseus, an Athenian hero of the time.

The Minotaur Round

There is a built in risk or gamble game that players can choose to use should they be willing to risk their recent winnings in the hops of doubling their money. This gamble feature can be used for up to a total of five times.

To start the gamble feature, the player must enter the maze. If the player enters the maze and meets the woman, they will have their winnings doubled. If the player enters the maze and meets the Minotaur, they lose their winnings and the gambling game ends.

The art design for Minotaurus slot is a mix of three dimensional renderings as well as stylised cartoon drawings. The background is the Labyrinth where the dreaded Minotaur lives. It’s very dark and gloomy but is luckily at least partially lit by two large torches which adorn two pillars on either side of the reel. These torches are animated and the fire looks very realistic. Endorphina is known to put small touches like this into their slots to give an added bit of realism to their backgrounds.

Minotaurus Slot Symbols

Minotaurus slot symbols include a jack, queen, king and ace which are taken directly from some of the classic slot symbols that players might be familiar with. The higher value symbols, however, are based around the general theme of the slot and include a gold legionnaires helmet with red crest, a bronze sword with a horse, a ball of red yarn, a picture of the entire Labyrinth, a woman with a white toga and a man with a red shirt and cape who could be prime candidates to play online pokies in Australia.

The Minotaur itself serves as a wild in this slot and can be used to substitute for all symbols.

On the left and right of the reels, the player can see the ten paylines available for play. They are in the same dark red colour scheme as permeates the rest of the slot. Betting menus at the bottom include a way for the player to adjust their total bet as well as push the menu button to check the various payouts on symbols and other slot mechanics. The player’s credits are displayed in the top left corner and credit size can be changed by pressing the small silver coin located there. Credit sizes include point one, point five, one, two and five.

The audio in this slot deserves special mention. There are some pretty eerie sounds coming out of the Labyrinth, and this helps to set a spooky mood for the player.