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The Only Way To Win With Bitcoin

Satoshis Secret slot is a six reel and twenty payline slot from the online casino software producer Endorphina. Set in the cloak and dagger world of hacking, hactivism and Bitcoin, this is a step away from what players might expect from a more traditional slot theme. The art style used in this slot is a realistic three dimensional style with lots of animation. In the background, the player can see a mix of scrolling numbers circuit boards, percentages and running lights which seem to trace over intricate designs. It feels a bit like the Matrix, but then again, the Matrix was also heavily influenced by the unimaginable amount of information that is sent around the world every day in computer form.

Satoshis Secret Slot Bonus Features

In order to trigger the trading bonus game, the player must land four or more of the Bitcoin bonus symbols on reels two, three four and five. The player is awarded thirty times their initial bet for this and this money can be collected or the player can choose their gambling online in NZ to use it during the bonus game that follows.

In this bonus game, the player tries to increase their winnings by playing a 3×3 slot game that simulates currency exchanges.

Satoshis Secret Slot Symbols

The slot symbols do not use any of the traditional ones that players might find in other slots. The low value symbols include a Q, a W, an E, an R, a T and a Y. If this looks familiar, it is because those letters make up the start of the top row of a modern keyboard. Other symbols include a dollar sign, a euro sign, a pound sign and a hooded hacker symbol.

To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the various payline for this slot written in a white font with a green background. Green seems to be the colour of the day Satoshis Secret slot, as pretty much everything on the screen, minus a few of the symbols, has at the very least a green hue to it. The player will also notice the rough outline of the different continents of the world making up the background of the reels. Bitcoin, and hacking in general, is a global phenomenon and that is reflected in this element of the slot.

The name of the slot is presented above the reel along with the player’s total credits and bet unit. The bet unit can be adjusted by clicking on it. At the bottom, the player can see their total bet. This number can be adjusted by using the up and down arrows located around the total bet. This bet can range from twenty to two thousand and offers many bets in between those numbers as well. The number of paylines the player wishes to use can also be adjusted. It sits in the bottom right corner of the slot and can be changed at any time. There is both a spin button and an auto spin feature as well.

There is also a bonus symbol which features a Bitcoin as well as a green wild symbol.