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Play Online Roulette Without Downloading It

This casino game represents everything people picture when they bring to mind gambling hotspots like Monte Carlo or Las Vegas –the bright lights; thrilling sounds; and air of suspense- and for this reason the virtual version has to at the very least be able to match these qualities in order to warrant players’ time and money. The fact of the matter is that Canadian players can now experience all the thrill and excitement of the world’s most popular real money casino game right from the comfort of their own homes when they choose to play roulette online no download required, and more and more players from this country are choosing to do so every day.

The main reason Canadians love to play roulette online no download games is that they feature an average payout ratio of between 95% and 98%, and this translates into the fairest odds available for any type of casino game. Whether players are new to the world famous red and black roulette wheel or vastly experienced in the ups and downs of betting on the outcome of the spinning wheel, the game has plenty to offer those who are interested in boosting their bankrolls by means of it.

Various Betting Options Make for Continuously Exciting Play

Canadians who elect to play roulette will be able to enjoy a number of different wager types, and will quickly and easily be able to locate one that suits their experience; personal preferences and available betting money. These include particular numbers; ranges of numbers; and colours, and there is very little required in the way of tactics when it comes to winning life-changing amounts of money. More and more Canadians elect to play roulette online no download required thanks to just how many tweaks are possible, and the vast array of choices that await them when they begin this real money journey online.

Different Roulette Variations

Variations of Roulette Available at Canadian Online Casinos

There are a number of different variations of this great real money game available by means of the World Wide Web, and players of any level of experience will be able to find one they enjoy almost instantly when they elect to play roulette online no download required.

The first variation is known as American roulette, and although it can be classified as the least popular variation, it is nonetheless widely available for those who prefer it. The reason not many players choose this game variation is that it offers the house a slightly larger edge because it features a double zero slot. This inclusion raises the house edge to 5.26%, but has no effect on the potential payouts, which remain as large as can be.

European roulette allows Canadian players to bet on slot numbered one through 36, and does not feature the additional zero slot. The house edge thus stands at just 2.7%, and allows players to get that much closer to the life-changing win that much more easily.

French roulette, also featuring only one zero slot, additionally provides players with the La Partage rule, which allows them to retain half their bets should the ball land on the zero slot. En Prison allows them to win their bets back if wagers were placed on odds or evens and the ball lands on the zero slot as well, and when this occurs a virtual marker will be placed on top of the player’s bet, and should the next wager be successful, that cash will be returned to the player. If not, the money will be forfeited.