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Play iPad Sic Bo Bingo Side Games with Detailed Guide

The high-quality graphics and sound delivered by the iPad make it a popular device for accessing gambling games online. The iPad has excellent security features, and is just as portable as a mobile phone, with the advantage of a bigger touchscreen to give a more immersive casino experience.

Adding to its appeal as a gaming platform, the player is no longer limited by physical location; with a 3G or 4G connection, they can log on and play literally anywhere, whenever they have a yen to play casino games on their iPad. The lucrative and growing online gambling market has also led to a good deal of crossover, as sites compete for every available punter; several Bingo game variants are now available at casino sites, for example, while traditional Bingo sites offer many casino options, like iPad Sic Bo Bingo side games.

The Basics of Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo can be thought of as a Chinese version of Craps, although the origins of both games are lost in the mists of antiquity. Sic Bo is played with three dice, not two, but players can bet on a number of possibilities, as they can in Craps.

Simple bets with 1:1 returns are “high” or “low”, and “odds” or “evens”, in which players try to predict the total of all three dice. There are other more complex, better paying bets that include specific combinations of the three dice coming up. Unlike Craps, however, each roll of the Sic Bo dice will result in a win or a loss; in craps, some bets will ride until a specific combination is thrown.

iPad Sic Bo Bingo side games can offer faster play than both Craps and most Bingo games, making it attractive to avid dice fans looking for as many chances to win as they can in as short a time as possible.

Finding iPad Sic Bo Bingo Side Games

There are hundreds of casino sites and Bingo rooms optimised for mobile play, and any games coded to run on an iPhone will play just as well on the iPad. Some sites provide free apps to download, while others allow players to access directly on the web page via their iPad browsers.

Free sites, at which players are only allowed to bet and win credits, are a handy practice ground for those who want to get to know the game better before risking any stakes at real-money sites. Players searching for the best iPad Sic Bo Bingo side games would do well to check out a few casino and Bingo review sites online; reviewers have generally played the games to determine how easily they load and play, how well they pay out, and how reputable the site is in terms of speedy payouts on wins.

The best sites for iPad Sic Bo Bingo side games will feature in the “top sites” lists, and players will also find warnings against dodgy sites with poor customer service, to help them avoid the bad apples.