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The Ninja slot is a five reel and twenty payline slot from Endorphina software. This slot has a far east theme with, obviously, a bit of the infamous ninja assassin archetype thrown in. The art style for this slot is a cartoon art style that incorporates elements of three dimensional rendering and animation in order to truly bring this unique slot to life. Behind the reels, the background to this slot really sets the scene for the whole playing experience.

The Ninja Slot Bonus Features

In order to trigger the free spins bonus round, the player must land three or more of the black ninja scatter symbols. If the player lands two or more of the black ninja scatter symbols, wilds are added to the counter that is located below the reels. One wild is given per black ninja on the reel.

When the free spins round kicks off, the number of wilds accumulated during the main game will be placed on the reels.

The first thing that stands out is the three dimensional animated mist that rolls across the bottom of the screen. It gives what would be a static background a much needed boost of realism and depth. The left and right of the screen are guarded by two menacing looking dragon statues. Further back, we can see old temple buildings as well as snow-capped mountains. This is all topped off by a blue and white glowing full moon that has bathed the whole scene in a surreal hue of misty blue.

The Ninja Slot Symbols

Unlike many slots, the Ninja slot does not use any traditional slot symbols. Instead, each symbol closely ties in with the theme of ninja assassins. From least valuable to most valuable, these slots include a hand with a spiked claw on a blue background, hands with throwing darts on a green background, a throwing star on a red background and a pair of nunchaku on a fire background.

The top three most valuable symbols are the yellow ninja, the red ninja and the blue ninja. The ninja in black serves as a scatter symbol for this slot. Finally, there is a dragon coin wild that can substitute for any other symbol besides the scatter in order to make a winning combination.

To the left and the right of the reel are small black dots. As the player puts their mouse over these black dots, the various paylines available in this game are displayed in red lines. The reel itself is made of a golden metal and has interested accents on it such as the dragons in the top left and right corners as well as rubies set in diamond shapes at the top. The player can adjust their bet via the up and down arrows surrounding the total bet display. Bets range from twenty all the way up to two thousand and offer many levels in between. There is also a spin button, an auto spin button and menu button. The menu button allows players to see the values of the various slot symbols and bonus features.