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All You Need To Know About Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is a form of Poker which was a casino staple in the 80s and 90s. It was invented, in 1982, by David Sklansky who is a professional Poker player. A combination of five-card stud Poker and traditional house-backed gaming, you’d be forgiven if you thought that this game was a horse from the Caribbean because when you play this you’ll feel as exhilarated as after a gallop on a stud horse!

How To Play Caribbean Stud

In this type of Poker, you play against dealer and not against other players. The dealer dishes out five cards to each player at the table. He or she will only give players, who’ve made a bet, cards and these will be face down.

The dealer then deals five cards for him- or herself. All of these are face down. When the dealer flips one of his or her cards, the players can look at the cards that they’ve been dealt. Based on the cards that the players have been dealt, they decide on whether or not they’ve like to place an additional bet. This is usually twice the ante. If a player decides to fold, they will lose their initial bet.

After all of the players have decided to place additional bets or have folded, the dealer then looks at their cards. In order to open their hand, they need to have an ace/king – or higher – in addition to their other cards:

  • If the dealer is not able to open their hand, the players who have made extra bets get their ante paid out 1 – 1 and their extra bet is returned.
  • If the dealer is able to open their hand and a player’s bet is higher (and that player has made an additional bet) the ante bet is paid out 1 – 1. The additional bet is paid out according to a sliding scale.
  • If the dealer wins the hand, all bets are lost.

What Are The Differences Between Caribbean Stud And Five-Card Stud

As we’ve already said, in Caribbean Stud players play against the house and not each other. In addition, there is no bluffing allowed in Caribbean Stud while there is in Five-Card Stud. No draws are usually made in Caribbean Stud.

What is the best strategy to follow?

The best strategy for Caribbean Stud is quite complex. In fact, not many casino players are familiar with it. However, we’ve been able to summarise it into two short lines:

  • When you want to raise, always do so with a pair or higher.
  • If you need to fold, always do so with less than the dealer’s qualifying hand.

There are loads of options that you can choose when you want to play Poker. We really recommend that you try out Caribbean Stud when you next visit the casino – with the blend of strategy and pure luck, you’re sure to have a super time!