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5 Of The Most Common Casino Superstitions

Did you ever watch a movie called “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah? She goes on a fabulous holiday in the Czech Republic as ‘her last holiday’ as she is told that she is dying from a disease (which, actually, she isn’t).

During her stay at the Grand Hotel Pupp, she meets a group of people – funnily enough the owner of the retail giant that she works for as a shop assistant – and they invite her to a casino evening. While at the roulette table, she wins big when she puts her bets on the number 17. She actually bets on the number again and again and wins big every time – and even prompts the others around the table to bet on this number!

As many casino games are all about chance, when people think that they’ve cracked a formula that will bring them in a lot of winnings they will do everything that they can to keep their winning streak going. Here are five common casino superstitions that players adopt to keep them in the luck seats.

Lucky Charms

A number of people at the casino carry lucky charms with them while they play as they believe that these will bring them luck. Common examples are a four-leafed clover and a horseshoe.

  1. Rituals

Other people adopt lucky rituals before the dice gets thrown or the cards are dealt. You’ll often find people blowing on the dice, touching something wooden or crossing their fingers.

  1. Lucky Partner

Other players insist on always taking a particular person with them when they go to the casino. This is because they feel that this partner brings them luck – probably because when they are around the player always wins big.

  1. Leaving The Table

There is a common casino superstition that if a player leaves the table mid-play, they will decrease their odds of winning. This is why, in many movies, you’ll see poker games going on well into the early hours of the morning and the players not getting up – for any reason!

  1. Lucky Numbers

Just like Queen Latifah’s lucky number was 17, players at the casino have lucky numbers because they’ve found that when they bet on these numbers, they win big. Often the numbers will be associated with significant dates, for example a wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday.

  1. Lucky Clothing

A lot of people wear specific pieces of clothing when playing at the casino because they feel that when these clothes are worn, they win big. Some of the more die-hard believers will not even wash the clothes because they feel that this will ruin the magical properties!

These are just a few of the more common superstitions that abound in the casino. There are loads more that people believe in and some differ from country to country as they are influenced by people’s cultural beliefs.

So, if you find that you’re more lucky when you wear a certain hat or carry a four-leafed clover, keep on doing what you’re doing!