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Casino VIP And Loyalty Club Perks

Whether you know it or not, if you’ve played an online casino game, you may already eligible to become a VIP member. This is, by virtue of automatically raking up points for each game you play. Points add up over time – and are the key to reaching various player rankings, each of which translates into awesome loyalty-club benefits and rewards. Out the starting blocks, one of the most coveted benefits is being given a sneak peek at new not-yet-released games.

Playing a game no one else has had an opportunity to, can certainly make one feel special!

Depending on your level of play you could also get invited to join an exclusive group of slot-, table- or poker players at a tournament game, or you can get deposits waivered on open competitions.

A popular perk of being a ranked player includes being able to convert points to cash. The higher your rank the more you stand to get. A lower-ranking player may be able to redeem $1 for every 5000 points earned, a well-seasoned player, on the other hand, is able to redeem $1 for every 2000 points earned.

Top ranked players who have substantial balances could be cashing in equally substantial amounts. If you’re fortunate to be with the right online casino, you may even qualify to withdraw that cash for free (a massive saving, because some online casinos charge a flat fee per withdrawal – as much as $50!). Plus, that payout process may be speeded up. Compared to some casinos that take weeks to pay out their players, you could be getting your cash back within a few days!

Top Tier VIP Players

Once you’ve reached top-tier status, it’s also not uncommon to win vacations, electronics, jewellery and birthday gifts the value of which can graduate from free spin giveaways, to significant amounts of free-play cash and even valuable physical gifts. Other casinos may prefer to pass on TVs, autographed merchandise and even motorcycles and cars!

Being a high roller has its perks, but then again, each online casino doesn’t want you taking your business elsewhere either – so it’s a symbiotic relationship!

Perks abound too when playing at a land-based casino, so always make sure you get a player’s club card, especially if you’re playing video poker.  You get free play. The casino will send you a mailer to entice you to come back and it’ll say, for example, 50 dollars free-play valid on a specific day. If you show up on that day you can get the money.

Other benefits include free stays at hotel rooms, free food and beverage offers. It all depends on your level of play. However, even low-level players get free food offers, discounted room offers and free show tickets. It all depends on where your casino is. Some Vegas casinos will send you more giveaways on free-play offers, while with a casino across-country you may get less free play and more Room, Food and Beverage discounts.

All this helps to boost your chances of winning and your overall gaming experience.