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What Is Round Robin Betting?

Round robin betting refers to a group of strategic bets, similar in style to parlay betting. However, in parlay betting, enormous risk is placed on a set of bets all being successful. If one bet in a parlay fails, then the entire payout amount is immediately lost.

Using the round robin betting method, similar payout amounts to parlay betting can be won, while minimising some of the potential losses that can occur. The trick is, however, that round robin bets take a deeper level of understanding as far as odds go, and require a decent amount of effort to organise. To put it another way; round robin betting is for those who are serious about taking sports betting to a new level.

Let’s take a look at how it all works.

What Is Round Robin?

The term round robin refers to a tournament where each competing team faces off against every other team, in at least one occasion. It applies to this betting strategy for similar reasons. But in the case of the round robin bet, the idea is to construct a sort of security policy. In doing so, it requires that multiple teams face off, all of which have a separate, different parlay bet placed on them.

This ultimately means that some success can generally be achieved, even if some of the bets fail.

What Is Required?

You will have to construct a minimum of 3 separate bets, covering 3 separate betting lines. More betting lines can be used. As an example, the 3 lines that are available are;

Rangers +1.5 (-110)

Cowboys -3.5 (-110)

Nets + 7.5 (-110)

In a regular parlay bet, obviously, all 3 of these teams succeeding would be required in order to see any payout at all. The odds of this are questionable, to say the least, but the payout would be good.

If applying the round robin strategy, the three separate parlay bets would look as follows.

Example Round Robin Betting

  • Parlay Bet 1

Nets + 7.5 (-110), Cowboys -3.5 (-110)

  • Parlay Bet 2

Cowboys -3.5 (-110), Rangers +1.5 (-110)

  • Parlay Bet 3

Cowboys -3.5 (-110), Nets + 7.5 (-110)

What Is The Benefit?

If paying attention to the above, you’ll notice that if the Rangers fail, the first parlay with the Nets and Cowboys will still be a success. However, if the Nets fail, the second bet involving the Rangers and Cowboys would succeed. If, naturally, the Cowboys fail, and both other events are a success, the Rangers and Nets parlay, the third bet, will still get some cash. Thus, a nice, neat security barrier is constructed.

There is also the possibility that all 3 of the bets are a success, which is a luxury that will result in a great big payout. Though this should never be banked on, it is a nice surprise when it happens.

It does take some time to construct bets of this type, but with some practice, and a keen eye, it’s a betting strategy that often yields good result.