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What Is Middle Sports Betting?

Middle sports betting is notorious for resulting in some of the biggest betting payouts in all of history. However, it also happens to be one of the most complicated and difficult strategies to pull off successfully. It takes an extraordinary amount luck, understanding of odds, and an ability to predict how bookmakers will respond to circumstances.

But if a middle betting strategy is a success, it means that two bets will both payout simultaneously, potentially resulting in unprecedented profits.

Understanding how it works is a tricky prospect, putting many betting enthusiasts off before they even attempt the strategy. Here is a brief explanation of the basics.

Point Spreads

Point spreads can shift dramatically, depending on how events unfold leading up to a match. In some cases the bookmaker will shift the spread in order to encourage bettors to favour one team over the other. This will be done if too many bets are being placed on one outcome, rather than the other.

In other cases, an unexpected event may occur, such as a star player suddenly being withdrawn from the game. This may also result in the spread shifting, reflecting that a team has a reduced chance of winning.

Whatever the case, this shift in the point spread is what makes middle betting possible. Again, it is extremely difficult to predict how the spread will shift, making it almost impossible to make a middle bet in advance. Instead, keen betting enthusiasts will attempt to jump on the opportunity as it arises.

How Does It Work?

The basic idea of middle betting is placing two separate bets, on the same event, and having both bets win. This is made possible by the shift in the point spread.

As an example, we will use a pretend NFL match. The Patriots are playing the Eagles, and the starting point spread is; Patriots -4.5, Eagles +4.5. The spread then shifts the next day; Patriots -2.5, Eagles +2.5.

If you placed your original bet on the Eagles initially at + 4.5, and then place a second bet on the Patriots at -2.5, the potential exists that both of these bets can be a success. However, it is only under very specific circumstances that this will occur. The Patriots need to win the game, very specifically, by 3 points. If the end result of the game was 24-21, both bets would be a success, and payout.

Is It Viable?

Most serious betting enthusiasts are put off by the idea of middle betting, with very good reason. As already said, the payouts only occur in very specific circumstances. Yes, the payouts can be extraordinary, but so much luck is involved that it is far smarter to take other approaches.

Hedge betting, which also involves placing multiple bets, is far more likely to result in good, low-risk payouts. Middle betting is, really, for those who are chasing an extreme long shot. Smarter approaches are possible, and are probably the better choice for a serious betting enthusiast.