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Roulette Strategy

When considering the best roulette strategy, a player can choose from one of several betting systems to make the most out of their time at the wheel. As roulette is a game of chance, there is no one way that can be considered the best. Some players like to stick to one roulette strategy while others prefer to employ a combination of betting methods to increase their odds of hitting it big. While some betting strategies are relatively new, other examples are actually hundreds of years old. This is because roulette itself is also quite old.

It might be hard to imagine people standing around a roulette wheel three hundred years ago, but even in the sixteen hundreds there were early forms of the game being played in France. The game as we know it today has been played with the current wheel and rules since seventeen ninety six in Paris. We know this because it is spoken about in a novel called La Roulette, ou le Jour. This book was written in seventeen ninety six by Jaques Lablee. American Roulette saw its formation in the late eighteen hundreds and had a different set of numbers as compared to its European counterpart. This means that players would often employ a different roulette strategy when placing their bets on this new system. That has continued until today.

Martingale Betting System

The Martingale roulette strategy was most popular during the seventeen hundreds in France. This strategy was not exclusively for roulette but was rather developed for any game of chance. Early examples include games as simple as a coin toss.

The basic strategy is for the player to double their total bet after every time they lose. In doing so, the first time that they win, it will recover everything that they have lost up to that point and will further make a profit that matches the original amount of money that they put down. The problem perceived with online roulette Australia strategy was if the gambler was very unlucky, they could run out of money before they managed a win. As the bets got bigger and bigger, it was possible to bankrupt a player before they managed a winning bet. Add in the house edge and a player can expect a negative value. Despite this, the strategy is still by players today.

Labouchere Betting System

 This system is quite similar to the Martingale betting system, but it does not require the player to double their bets after every loss. Instead, the player uses a set of numbers in a line to define what bet they will put down after either a win or a loss.

Normally, this involved adding numbers to the beginning and end of the betting line to figure out how much the next bet is going to be. If a player wins, they then mark off the numbers and keep taking numbers from the smaller line. If the player loses, they would add the bets made previously to the end of the line and keep working on the smaller line.