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Reasons why Soccer Betting is that popular in New Zealand

Soccer bets come in a range of markets and soccer bets types, punters from New Zealand looking for authentic Kiwi soccer bets will be thrilled by the ongoing love of the beautiful game, adored by millions worldwide.

True New Zealand spirit can be found in the All Whites, the national soccer team that have participated in twelve World Cup events between 1970 and 2014.

With localised platforms like TAB and online providers allowing for an exciting mix of soccer bets, punters have access to an enticing variety of soccer bets and markets.

With international soccer events such as the World Cup and local leagues including the Stirling cup, played in summer, Kiwis can look forward to unrivalled New Zealand soccer bets.

The Betting Providers

With a world of options and a wealth of soccer bets, culminating from an intense global passion for the beautiful game of soccer, nearly all platforms offering soccer bets have an incredibly rich and diverse soccer betting selection.

With incalculable leagues and tournaments, Kiwis can access an immersing directory of soccer events continuing year round. Online sports books afford punters the opportunity to stake thousands of various soccer bets, while localised sports betting authority TAB have their own unique pickings.

Alternating with Online Platforms

Online platforms not only allow for more league and tournament soccer bets but also afford Kiwis with the opportunity to branch out and explore alternative markets.

With the government allowing residents in New Zealand to make full use of best NZ online betting guide, punters can opt for a selection of world-class online providers, diversifying the field of play and allowing for the best possible odds on any one single event.

Playing TAB

TAB, New Zealand’s local sports betting provider holds its head high with compelling soccer bets and markets that are widely available through over 600 outlets and several convenient channels.

Channels include Touch Tone betting, Television programming, call centre services, land based outlets and an easy to navigate, user friendly sports betting website that allows for soccer bets 24/7.

Opting for TAB, punters will notice fifteen various markets for soccer bets. The markets on offer display an even spread between local and international content allowing for holistic soccer bets.

Punters can expect to stake soccer bets on the English Premiership, Australian Football, English League Two, Spanish Football, English FA Cup, the New Zealand Premiership, Portuguese Football, European outright odds, English League one, Italian Football, the English League Cup, the English Championship, African Cup of Nations, Champions League and Europa League.

Betting Variety

Soccer is an exciting game adored by millions of fans worldwide, soccer bets come in various formats and it is important to start off with popular and easy to grasp concepts in order to develop the skill required to place valuable soccer bets.

Stake A Winner

Punters placing soccer bets on an outright winner simply need to opt for one of three results including home win, away win or draw. Outright odds are the most common on TAB, other bets are more present in online domains.

Half Time Wagers

Half time soccer bets break the game up and allows for a more competitive approach to the bet board. In half time soccer bets, punters simply need to stake the team that is most likely to be leading the match at the half time whistle.

Power Double Up

Double chance soccer bets afford punters with the opportunity to stake two possible outcomes in a single match. These soccer bets include; Home or Away bets; Home or Draw bets and Away or Draw bets.