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Popular Angle Park Race Track Review

Angle Park is a premier greyhound race track in South Australia, and home to some of the larger greyhound races.

Greyhound racing is a popular competitive sport in which greyhounds race around a track. While this is not a betting sport in all countries, it is a very popular betting sport in Australia and can largely be compared to horse racing, though on a much smaller scale.

The Angle Park race track offers a sand surface for the races to take place on. Entrance to race meets is free for all spectators, except for the Adelaide Cup, and free parking is also available. There are also TAB facilities and bookmakers on site, so sports bettors can place their bets on site. All Angle Park meetings are covered by Sky Channel.

Greyhound Racing

There are two types of online betting offers. These are track racing and coursing. Track tracing uses an artificial lure, which travels in front of the dogs on a rail to motivate them to race. In coursing, the dogs chase a lure. Originally, a hare or rabbit was used that could by killed by the dogs, but this has changed in many cultures.

Betting on Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is largely similar to horse racing, but the betting side of things is slightly different. For one, horse racing is considered as a far more lucrative sport, and betting on horse races often involves very high figures. Greyhound racing is not in the same stature as horse racing, though many sports bettors still enjoy the thrill of betting on the greyhounds.

Tips for Greyhound Betting

Sports bettors choosing to bet on greyhound racing may do well in keeping a few tips in mind. The more sports bettors bet on greyhound races, the better they will understand the ins and outs of the races and the dogs, and so will become better bettors. These sports betting tips, however, will help novice greyhound bettors to get started.

For one, sports bettors choosing to bet on greyhound racing will need to become familiar with the dogs. They need to look out for the value odds as well as the likely winners, which will take a little time and practice.

Sports bettors should also look at the age of the dog. A male dog will generally reach its running peak at age two, while a female dog will reach its peak at age three.

Sports bettors starting out are encouraged to bet on greyhounds that have already run a few good races, showing the potential of the dog and likely winning chances.

It is a good idea for sports bettors to avoid favourites and outsiders.

Also, sports bettors will do well if they are selective in their bets. It is better to make a few carefully thought-out bets than to go wild and bet on everything.

Types of Bets

There are many types of bets that sports bettors can place on greyhound racing, but a straight bet is generally the best bet to place for novice greyhound race bettors. Straight bets are simple and relatively easy to manage, and bettors can have a good chance of actually winning this type of bet. However, bettors will need to weigh up the odds for each bet they place.