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Gutshot Straight with Steven Seagal Action Movie Review

Released in 2014, Gutshot Straight is an action film starring the famous Hollywood star Steven Seagal. The plot revolves around a professional poker player who finds himself stuck in a web of deception and murder, and has to find a way to get out alive.

Gutshot Straight was filmed in the Jackpotcity Casino NZ, with a plot centred on the world of professional poker. The film was produced by Jay-X Productions in association with Noordinay Films and AMJ Productions. Released on the 2nd of December 2014, Gutshot Straight is just under an hour and a half in length.

Gutshot Straight Crew and Cast

The main protagonist of Gutshot Straight, Jack, is played by George Eads. Co-starring alongside George Eads is Steven Seagal as the loan shark Paulie Trunks, Stephen Lang as the gambler Duffy; with Ted Levine, and AnnaLynne McCord as the antagonists.

Gutshot Straight was written by Jerry Rapp, produced by John Yang, Tiago Mesquita, and Ross Otterman, and directed by Justin Steel.

The Plot of Gutshot Straight

Jack, the antagonist of Gutshot Straight, is a professional poker player that has met some hard times during his poker career, and now finds himself in large debt to a loan shark. Not knowing how to solve his predicament, Jack turns to Duffy, played by Stephen Lang, who proposes a scheme in order for Jack to earn some money to repay his debts. After spending the night with Duffy, Jack awakens the next morning to discover that things are not quite right. Jack soon finds himself stuck in a game of deception, where a married couple are trying to convince Jack to kill the other.

Realising that he is in trouble, Jack turns to the only help he can think of: his loan shark, Paulie, played by Steven Seagal. Paulie decides to help Jack with his trouble, as he realises Jack would not be able to settle his debt if anything were to happen to him. With Paulie’s help, Jack has to try and outwit his opponents before any harm can come to him.

Reviews of Gutshot Straight

Reviews of Gutshot Straight were mostly mixed to negative, with some critics giving it a positive review. Criticism was aimed toward the plot of the film, where many believed it started out promising and quickly became too much of a drama. Much of the criticism was directed toward the little screen time that actors like Steven Seagal and Vinnie Jones had during the film. Conversely, many enjoyed the film, noting the crime noir tone and theme of the film, while praising the performance of lead actor George Eads. Further praise was given to Stephen Lang and AnnaLynne McCord.

Gutshot Straight Review

While the film may not appeal to many, a solid cast giving strong performances, as well as a classic noir theme may provide an hour and a half of entertainment. This is especially true for those who are fans of casinos and Las Vegas.