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What Exactly Is Micro-Betting?

Micro-betting is a particular type of bet that has only become popular in recent years. The reason for the sudden increase in popularity is, simply, because micro-bets are based on rapid data transfer, which has only become possible as the internet has improved. The dramatic advancements in internet technology, allowing for information to be sent back and forth across the globe almost instantly, have therefore given rise to the unique, online micro-betting market.

Micro-betting involves placing quick bets on minor outcomes in sports matches, with the results of the bet revealed almost instantly. Such bets can be spontaneously worked into just about any type of sport, prompting those who are monitoring the game live to put down money on the minor outcomes, as they happen.

The monitory exchange can be done as the event unfold, with virtually no restrictions, given that internet feeds are live, and betting software carefully designed. It is impossible for any bet to be placed after the result has already been determined.

Interestingly, many of the bettors that engage in micro-betting tend to have already made other bets on the outcome of the match. But, as they wait for results, choose to make smaller, quicker bets during the action.

In More Detail

A micro-bet could be initiated, for example, on the next serve in a tennis match. The bet could offer payouts for predictions as to whether the serve will be an ace, if it will be returned, or if it will be a fault. Odds are calculated on the fly by the bookmaker, and posted on a site in real time.

In terms of cricket, a micro-bet could be initiated on whether the next ball will be a fault, be hit, or take the wicket. Alternatively the bet could be as to whether the ball is hit for a six, a four, or if the batter decides to go for a run.

In football micro-bets could be based around events such as a penalty ending up in the goal, or even events such as which player will be the next to take a shot on the goal.

Simply put; there are many aspects of sporting matches that can be given quick odds, allowing enthusiasts to make bets on occurrences other than the final outcome of the match. Depending on the event, numerous bets of this kind could be issued by the bookmaker in rapid succession.

Are They Worth It?

Betting enthusiasts are often cautious about any micro-bets being offered live by bookmakers. This is because, given the spontaneity of the bets, there is very little time to realistically consider the situation. When betting on the outcome of a match, for example, it is possible to research the teams, look into their backgrounds, and make an educated decission.

However, a micro-bet appears randomly, and the result decided almost instantly. This means that little real thought can be put into what the outcome may potentially be, never mind any research that may give deeper insight being done.