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Piggy Bank Slots in Detail for Pokies Players

Welcome to Pig City! This game has 5 reels and 5 paylines but offers a multitude of feature games and multipliers. The reels are filled with pigs in the form of a piggy bank, pig money, pig hammers and the symbols J, Q, K and A are also pig themed if you look closely.

Bets can be placed from 0.01 to 2.00 credits per line and casino players can also take advantage of the auto-play option. The auto-play will allow for multiple spins in a row stopping when they have run out or as per the auto-play selection. Players can also manually stop the auto-play spins at any time.

Payouts occur from both left to right and right to left over 5 paylines although players may choose to activate or deactivate lines in any order at any time by selecting the – or + buttons on the side of the reels.

Bonus and Feature Games

The feature game is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear anywhere in the 5 reels. The bonus symbols are 3 pigs with the word bonus written across it. While the reels at the Spin Casino NZ are spinning, each time a bonus symbol appears it will start to build up a luck meter. The more bonus symbols that appear the more luck you will have in the meter, which will carry through into the bonus round. The round will display some piggy banks, which players must smash to reveal a payout. Players may smash as many pigs as the luck meter allows. One there is no more luck in the meter, players will be returned to the reels.

The scatter bonus is if 3 or more piggy banks appear, players may then choose to smash one of them revealing winnings of up to 125 times the total bet.

Jackpots and Gamble Features

There is a progressive jackpot in this game where players will get the chance to spin the wheel for payouts or an upgrade to a bigger wheel with higher payouts.

To trigger the jackpot, players must uncover 3 scatter symbols in a row. Scatter symbols appear as gold rings circling other symbols on the reels. The three wheels are the bronze, silver and gold and each one offers a higher payout than the next. 3 scatter symbols unlock the bronze, 4 unlock the silver and 5 unlock the gold. When a jackpot wheel is unlocked, players will receive 1 chance to spin the wheel. Either a payout will be won or if the player lands on the arrow, they will be upgraded to the wheel above and given 1 spin. Once this game is over, the player will be returned to the reels.

The gamble feature is available after each win. Players will have the option to either double or triple their winnings. In the double up option, players are presented with 4 symbols and must select one. If a correct symbol is selected, players will be offered the chance to double up their winnings again by selecting the correct symbol. This can go on for up to 10 times before returning to the reels. For the triple up options, players must select the correct symbol from 3 and will be allowed to continue to do so up to 10 times if all selections made are correct.

The gamble feature is not available when using the auto-play function.