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Pearls Fortune Slot

Pearls Fortune Slot Stresses Mobile Undersea Fun

Beautiful visuals are a recognized feature of Nektan mobile slot games, but they aren’t always known for their sense of humour. The Pearls Fortune slot proves a welcome exception, combining the usual magnificent artwork with an underwater theme that is as bright and cheery as the myriad colours used. Although designed primarily for tablets and smartphones, it can also be played via laptop or desktop at online casinos. Players can also find free-play demo versions, if they do not wish to wager real money.

It’s notoriously difficult to draw rippling water well, but the Pearls Fortune slot manages this in the exquisite backdrop: the surface of the sea shot from underneath, with clouds and palm-fringed islands visible above water, along with the cool, shady world of the depths. Fish weave between the plants, corals, sunken ships and treasure chests, and the reel symbols are also illustrated with friendly, amusing touches. Even the fearsome shark, the game’s Wild symbol, has a big matey grin on his face that makes him look much less fearsome. In both base play and bonus rounds, happy music enhances the cheerful theme.

Fewer Paylines but Bigger Potential Wins

Most Nektan titles will offer 15 or more paylines, but the Pearls Fortune slot at online slots Australia has just 9. Players can choose how many they wish to play, and they can set bets per line in five increments from 0.01 to 1.00 per spin. Although fewer paylines mean fewer potential winning combos on each spin, the Pearls Fortune slot makes up for this by having larger payline prizes than most other Nektan titles.

For instance, the top payline prize is usually 500X the line bet, rising to 1,000X in just a few Nektan titles. In the Pearls Fortune slot, however, there are three symbols that win more than 500X for five matches on a payline. These are the game’s top symbol, the Pearls Fortune slot’s logo, which can be worth up to 2,500X the line bet, the giant clam bearing a pearl, which has a top prize of 1,000X, and the coin-juggling octopus, which can win up to 750X the line bet.

Standard Free Spins Scatter Symbol

A simple circular arrow, mottled like a sea cucumber, forms the Pearls Fortune slot’s Scatter icon. Three or more Scatters anywhere set off a round of at least 10 free spins, on the same reels and at the same bet settings as the triggering spin. Another three or more Scatters during the bonus round re-triggers the same number of spins.

The aforementioned friendly shark is the Pearls Fortune slot’s Wild, filling the traditional substitution role.

Playing Card Symbols Continue Watery Theme

The other themed symbols used in the Pearls Fortune slot are a treasure chest, winning up to 500X the line bet, and a goofy-looking turtle that has a top win of 300X. Apart from the turtle, all the high-value symbols win prizes for two matches or better. The turtle, along with the low-value symbols borrowed from the Poker deck, needs three of a kind or more to win.

These five Poker symbols, 10 to A, are also jokingly linked to the theme, as each icon is filled with water and bubbles. Their most impressive prize, won by five Ks or five As on the same payline, is 150X the bet.