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Net Some Great Odds With Waterpolo Bets

It is thought that water polo originated in the 19th century in Scotland and was a kind of “water rugby”. It is a team sport played with 2 teams and has 4 quarters.  The aim of water polo is to score goals by throwing the water polo ball into the opponent’s goal.

The team has 6 field players with 1 goalkeeper.  The team has offensive and defensive roles and the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  The game is played in a deep pool, usually about 7 feet.  Water polo consists of swimming, treading water (eggbeater kick), throwing, catching and shooting at the opponents’ goal.  Players on the team may only use one hand except for the goalkeeper.

Important Events

The big events that water polo bettors should look out for are the Olympics and the FINA Water Polo World League. The FINA Water Polo League began in 2002 and it is usually the Olympic teams that compete in this event.  Water polo is included in the summer Olympics, which comes round every 4 years where national water polo teams from all over the world compete.  During the Olympics sports books will have many bets on offer.

Types of Bets

Bettors will need to do some research before betting on water polo.  There are different bets and these include a match bet or straight up bet.  Bettors will be betting on which team will win the game or if the game will be a tie.  Because a tie does not happen often, the payouts for these are not good.  A total score bet also known as over/under betting is where bettors place a wager on how many points the teams will score.

The sports book will throw out a number and bettors can either bet a higher or lower figure.  The prop bets are different kinds of bets ranging from specific points for each player or if the game will be a tie at some stage. The prop bets are meant to be fun so even if bettors lose their match bet they may win their prop bet with the best online betting sites.

Tips on Water Polo Betting

Sports books are also a source of information and bettors can compare the odds of the different ones.  Doing these comparisons will ensure that bettors get the best payouts.  Bettors can also sign up at more than one sports book which will make comparing easier.  Most sports books will have wagers on water polo all year round and for bettors to be successful it is important that they do their homework before betting.  Keeping up to date with water polo news will ensure that a bettor makes a more informed wager.

Even though water polo is not considered a major sport there are many bettors who follow the sport throughout the year.  This gives them the chance to learn about the teams and their players.  Because water polo is more popular in some countries and not in others following the game may not be as easy.  The internet can be helpful in this regard as bettors will find all kinds of information about the teams.  Bettors can also find information from the news and sporting websites as well the governing body of water polo, FINA.  FINA will have information about which the best teams are, their players, what they have scored as well as team records.  This information will be helpful when placing bets.

Although water polo is not considered a major sport it has gained popularity in many countries and has a strong following.  The game is exciting and has the potential for high scores.