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Craps Bonus

Earning A Craps Bonus

Craps is one of the most commonly played casino games in the world, with a particular focus in the United States and Canada. In fact, if there is a pair of dice anywhere in this part of the world, there is a good chance it has been used to play craps at some point in its life. Now, with the modern online casino industry booming, craps is more commonly played than ever before. But is there a benefit to playing craps at an online casino, as apposed to a real world casino? There certainly is; namely the potential for a player to earn a craps bonus.

Online Casino Bonuses

Lucky nugget casino Canada is eager to give bonuses wherever they can. Sign up bonuses are granted, as well as deposit bonuses, and even bonuses for specific games, such as craps. By simply playing or participating in a game of craps, a craps bonus may be granted in the form of a bonus cash. This cash may be valid for all casino games, or for just that particular game, depending on the casino. If the specific online casino leans towards a focus on craps, a craps bonus may be granted simply for signing up to the casino.

In other cases, doing well at craps, or spending a certain amount of time at a craps table, may grant a bonus. In this fashion a player will never leave the craps table feeling like they are walking away empty handed. To put it simply; playing at an online casino that will grant a craps bonus makes every player a winner, regardless of how they do at the game itself.

Spending A Craps Bonus

So you’ve earned or been given craps bonus, how do you go about using it? This again tends to vary depending on the policy of an online casino, but generally nothing will have to be done for the cash bonus to immediately be spent. It will appear in the active account, and may be used as the player sees fit. If wanting to withdraw the craps bonus from the casino, however, a few initial steps will be required before this is allowed. Let’s have a quick look at wager requirements, and see how exactly they work.

A wager requirement ensures that unscrupulous players do not immediately withdraw a bonus upon being granted it, which would send the casino into fast bankruptcy. A wager requirement will appear as something like X20, which means that 20 bets must be made of a certain value, before the bonus and any money earned with the bonus, may be withdrawn from the casino. The exact amount of the bests required will depend on the value of the bonus, but will be clearly stated for players to see. In the case of a bigger bonus the wager requirement will likely be bigger, but this does depend on the casino and its particular policies.

Either way, once the wager requirements have been met the craps bonus will be unlocked and may be freely withdrawn.