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Bet on Amateurs for Great Wins – Gaelic Football

Gaelic football, not to be confused with standard football, may not be widely known around the world, but is the most popular sport in Ireland. Teams also exist in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. It is one of very few games that is very strictly only for amateur players, with rules in place that prohibit coaches and players from receiving any kind of payment.

For this reason many often refer to Gaelic football as a pure sport, since the factor of player’s salaries, a controversial subject in other sports, never has any bearing.

Gaelic Football Sports Betting

Many online bookmakers offer betting options for Gaelic football, although it is not available at some websites, given that it is considered a niche sport. If you find that your favourite book maker does not offer betting options for Gaelic football, simply request that options be added.  The betting options given are the same as any standard football match. A bet may be placed on a team to win, with fixed odds that will be specified by the bookmaker. Some matches may have a handicap imposed, however, which will occur when two teams are seen as unfairly matched. In this case look out for numbers that read something like +1/-1, which indicates that the first team will have a point added, and the second a point removed. This is done in order to ensure that a match is still competitive.

As far as sports betting goes, Gaelic football is extremely popular, especially in Ireland. Bet makers consider the sport to be perfect for placing bets, since the previously mentioned “pure sport” aspect ensures that judging teams is a matter of focusing only on the players and their skills, with no concern ever given to the financial aspects of the teams. Some bet makers even say that they will bet only on Gaelic football, insisting that standard football has been muddied by the enormous amounts of money paid to coaches and players. Either way, bet making on Gaelic football continues to be extremely popular, and can be accessed via an Aussie betting sites and has similarities choosing between AFL betting odds online.

Gaelic Football Rules

Gaelic football is what some refer to as a combination of football and rugby. Players are allowed to kick the ball, but my also hold it, pass it, and punch it. Scoring occurs when players throw the ball over a set of crossbars, or kick it under the crossbars. Kicking it under the crossbars earns a goal, while throwing it over earns points. Note that a white flag indicates a point scoring scenario, and a green flag a goal scoring scenario. A goal equals three points, similar to the goal scoring system in rugby.

In terms of players, Gaelic football is played by two teams of fifteen, with a similar layout to football.  There are six backers, six forwards, and two midfielders. Note that a goalkeeper is also used, and has the same task as in standard football. The game is played on a standard grass pitch, but with specialised goal posts that are specific to the game.