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What Defines the Best Lottery Online?

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The Internet revolution and the growth of online and mobile gaming have given lottery fans all over the world a huge range of options to consider. Among them are a number of lottery games with impressive jackpots that were previously only available regionally, but which can now be accessed from almost anywhere on the globe, by desktop, tablet or smartphone. Picking the best lottery online, however, is no easy task.

What criteria should be used? If we’re talking purely about the size of the payout, the best lottery is quite possibly the Spanish Christmas Lottery, which paid the main jackpot of 720-million Euros in 2012. But other online lotteries can also produce enormous wins; such as the US Powerball lottery (biggest payout: approximately 516-million Euros, according to current exchange rates), or the transnational Euro Millions Lottery (with a record of 190-million Euros). Because lottery regulations vary from country to country, and people residing in one territory may not be allowed to play certain lotteries that compete with local offerings, the best lottery in terms of jackpot size, strictly speaking, is anyone that you’re eligible to play and win on.

Smaller Wins More Often

If the metric used to assess the best lottery is not the size of potential big wins, but better jackpots on average, then Australia’s Saturday Lotto is a strong contender. The Division 1 prize each week is around AU$4-million (almost US$3-million), but there are “Superdraws” and a “Megadraw” several times a year with payouts that are five, six and seven times that amount.

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If players instead rate the best lottery as the one with the friendliest odds from a player’s perspective, they should consider the French Lotto (players have a 1 in 6 chance of winning), the Austrian Lotto (1 in 12) or the Euro Millions Lottery (1 in 13). But there is one more aspect to consider: players without any experience in financial planning could well agree that the best lottery is Australia’s Friday night Set for Life Lottery, or any of the US lotteries that pay annuities, rather than a lump sum.

Division 1 winners in these lotteries do not receive their jackpot all at once; it is paid in annual instalments over 20 or 30 years instead. This helps people who are not used to dealing with large amounts of money to enjoy their windfall for decades, rather than frittering it away in a mad spending spree.

Lotteries Can Change Many Lives

Online lotteries give keen lottery fans the opportunity to play the numbers all over the world, but the logic, which leads governments to run state lotteries, is unchanged. It’s a fairly low-risk form of gambling, but it provides quite a lot of revenue for the state to use on social development projects. So for many online lottery enthusiasts, the best lottery could well be the one that not only gives them the chance to change their lives completely but also provides maximum benefits to their communities as well.