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American Roulette Casino Game by Amaya in Review

The first thing players will notice about Amaya’s American roulette it the crisp, clean graphics. There’s no doubt that online gaming software creator Amaya was going for a realistic playing experience aimed at those players who want the full experience of playing a fast paced game of American roulette right from the comfort of their own home. While playing American roulette at a physical casino can add things like atmosphere and social aspects to the experience, the ability to play anytime, anywhere is one of the major draws of playing roulette online instead of traveling to a brick and mortar establishment.

When looking at the playing area, the player can see both the area of betting as well as the roulette table displayed. The roulette table itself is standing on a carpeted floor which has a pattern that some players who frequent brick and mortar casino establishments might recognise. The roulette wheel itself is sitting on a large wooden table much like it would be in real life. The idea is to create an atmosphere and visual experience very similar to that of a real life casino.

The roulette wheel itself is made of a mix of dark woods with a classic silver post in the middle. The inlays appear to be made of mahogany. As would be expected, there are alternating black and red stripes with different numbers marked on them. There player will also notice that there are two green stripes as well. These stripes have a zero and a double zero on them.

Playing American Roulette

To the right of the roulette wheel, the player can see a large green betting area. This area is where the players will place their bets before spinning the wheel. In the top right corner is a close up of where the small white ball landed on the previous spin. To the right of that, the player can also see the last fifteen numbers that the small white ball landed on each spin. This is good for players who like to keep track of which colour and number the ball has landed in order to better predict where to might land next.

At the bottom left of the screen is the player’s saved bets. This allows the player to save certain bets that they wish to repeat more than just once. It is a time saving function that allows the game to run more smoothly and quickly than if the player had to physically make the exact same bet every single time.

Other Features

The player can select which betting denominations they would like to use by selecting the correct chip in the bottom left part of the playing area. These chips include .10, .50, 1, 5, and 25. The player then selects which chip they would like to use and places it on the betting grid. The game will then start once they spin the wheel.

Should the player want to see the American Roulette table limit or payouts, they must simple click the small wooden stand in the top left corner of the betting area.