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Summarizing Microgaming No Deposit Free Spins for Players

Microgaming, responsible for some of the most successful and loved modern slot games, is now offering Microgaming no deposit free spins. What does this mean? Essentially it means that Filipino players may now try Microgaming slot games for free, and still earn real money in the process. Too good to be true? Must be a con of some kind? Not at all. Read on to learn how the Microgaming no deposit free spins system works, and how you can take advantage and earn real pesos.

No Deposit Spins

The first thing to understand about the Microgaming no deposit free spins system is that the free spins, although completely free to use initially, are not the same as giving away money. No online casino could give away free money, it would make them bankrupt in a matter of days, obviously. The free spins will be granted, the player may use the spins and earn real money with them, but cash earned in this fashion will come with requirements attached.

The player never has to pay for the spins, or winnings earned with the spins, but there will likely be a wager requirement attached to the spins. Or, alternatively, the player may be required to make a deposit of a certain amount before being allowed to withdraw the winnings. But what is a wager requirement, and how does it work? Let’s have a look and shed some light on the situation.

Wager Requirements Explained

Although it depends on the online casino you are playing at, a wager requirement will likely be used to compliment the Microgaming no deposit free spins system. A wager requirement is essentially a means to prevent devious players from using free spins and immediately withdrawing winnings from the casino. This, of course, would cripple the casino very quickly. A wager requirement will appear as something like X15, which indicates that 15 bets of a certain value must be placed before bonus winnings may be withdrawn.

The exact amount of the required bets will be specified by the online casino, so be sure to look out for this before accepting any free spins. Once the requirements have been met the winnings made from the Microgaming no deposit free spins will be unlocked, and may be withdrawn from the account as the player wishes.

Next Deposit System

Also depending on the casino, a next deposit system may be used to compliment a Microgaming no deposit free spins system. A next deposit system means that the player may use the free spins upon receiving them, and earn real pesos, but the winning may not be withdrawn until the next time the player makes a deposit into their account. The deposit will have to be of a certain amount, which will be specified by the casino in question.

In conclusion, the Microgaming no deposit free spins system is an excellent way to test out a game, and get a feel for its various bonuses and play style. It should always be kept in mind, however, that the winnings of the free spins will have requirements attached.