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Finding out Joker Jester Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Many years ago in medieval times, the best entertainment you could count on was a court jester. And you would only have access to this if you lived in a castle. The jester or Joker was known for funny tricks, slapstick comedy and acrobatics like juggling.

Joker Jester is a five reel mobile slot with a number of bonus games and features such as wild symbols and scatters.  The twenty five lines have a total of seven staking options starting with one line and going up to the full twenty five.

Players with lower budgets can play as little as 0.01 coins per line and as much as 2 coins per line. This puts Joker Jester in the category of a penny slot.

Jokey Graphics

The graphics in Joker Jester are very cartoon style, and done with lots of humour. All the characters have big eyes, large noses and are brightly coloured. The reels are set in what could be anything really, with all the shades of the rainbow in neon versions of themselves, draped with crimson drapes and bright heraldic flags.

The reels are edged with orange detail and the buttons at the bottom of the screen are black which is a welcome change to the hectic colours.

Although Joker Jester is designed for mobile devices, it runs best in landscape mode on a smart phone. Using a bigger screen makes the slot only take up half of the screen for some reason. The graphics are not too detailed that you will lose anything on the smaller screen either.

Joker Jester Mobile Slot

Juggle Bonus

Reels one, two and three can play host to the egg basket symbol. This bonus symbol will launch a second screen bonus round where you see a jester juggling eggs. You can add eggs to his trick, which will increase you multiplier with each egg that you add.

The aim is to add eggs without the jester dropping them, there are safety levels built in that you will receive even if he does drop the eggs. Golden eggs help you to skip a level. If you get nervous you can cash out at any time by clicking the Collect Now button.

Jester on the Reels

As in a lot of iPad slots, the symbols in are not all theme based, we do find the symbols from a deck of cards at the bottom of the ladder. These are pretty though, done in a large bouncy font that fits in with the theme.

There are only two theme based base symbols, the lute which is the string instrument that a jester traditionally plays, and a castle. The lute is worth 250 times your stake, and the castle 400 times for five of them on an active payline.

Joker Jester has a few special symbols; the first is of course the jester himself which is the games wild symbol. He can replace any other symbol in the game except for the bonus icons.

Jester Wild Feature

This feature is linked to the wild jester icon. Sometimes, for no reason he will jump around your reels turning normal symbols wild.

This can happen after any spin. You will then get additional wins calculated with your new wild symbols.