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Double Dragon Slot from Bally at a Glance

Double Dragon slot from Bally Technologies Inc is an online game featuring five reels and 25 paylines. The game has done well since its transition from the world of land-based casinos to that of the virtual places to play thanks to the fact that it offers excellent odds for so-called penny players.

Theme for Double Dragon Slot

The theme for Double Dragon slot is that of Ancient China, around the time the first ruling dynasty made an appearance, roughly 2 100 BC. Since the inhabitants saw their country as the centre of the world, they named their land the Middle Kingdom, and the grandeur of this period of history is recreated by Bally for slots enjoyment. The traditions this nation is steeped in are well presented, and a number of cultural themes which will very quickly bring Ancient China to mind are employed to create the correct atmosphere.

Players will be forgiven for thinking that there is a connection between Double Dragon slot and the video game of the same name from 1987, but this is not the case. While the latter had players attempting to rescue a damsel in distress as either Billy Lee or his twin, the slots game focuses on the player reeling in as much cash as he or she can by means of spinning the reels.

Similar theme is also found in some Mac pokies. The name for Double Dragon slot is a reference to the double dragon icon commonly found on Ancient Chinese coins, depicted with one of these beasts trying to catch the tail of another. The Chinese associate these monsters with longevity and prosperity, not as fearful predators in the manner of Western belief systems, and so rulers often placed their likenesses on their money.

Theme for Double Dragon Slot

Symbols for Double Dragon Slot

All of the symbols in use for Double Dragon slot are tied back to the Ancient Chinese theme, and include koi fish; gold ingot icons; jade jewellery; lucky coins; colourful lotus flower symbols; firecrackers; Chinese fans; lanterns; a double luck symbol and a scroll.

Wild Icons for Double Dragon Slot

The wild symbol is that of a yin-yang with two golden dragons appearing on either side, and 20 will be paid to the player managing to land five of these symbols; 16 to players gathering four on the reels; and 4 for three, in whatever currency the player is making use of. In addition, if at least one of these wilds lands on a reel during a spin, the Dragon Wild feature will be triggered, expanding the icon until it fills the entire reel and allowing for players to boost their bankroll quite significantly. All of the winning combos formed in this manner will be paid out at once.

The reels featuring wild symbols will be locked in to place when they appear, and those remaining will respin. Should more wild symbols land during this portion of play the feature will then be retriggered, up to a maximum of four times. It will continue until this total is reached; no new wild icons are landed; or all reels become locked, after which Double Dragon slot will revert back to normal mode of play.